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Flyers, Letterbox Drops, Promotional Material Our eye-catching flyers are available in a range of sizes and are perfect for special offers, direct mail marketing or one-off special events. Flyers are a convenient and impactful way to get your message across, without breaking the bank. Whatever your design, we have something to suit your needs. Select from DL, A5 or A4 paper sizes and choose from 3 different folding options to create a flyer that captures their attention. Deyar Designs Tip: 115gsm paper with a gloss finish is a fantastic, economical and professional option for large promotions and high volume direct mail outs. Compared with 80gsm paper - a common choice for economical and budget flyers - the 115gsm is a high quality product - at a great price. Want more tips from the experts? Speak to the friendly team at your local Deyar Designs Centre for more great advice. 115gsm Gloss is a fantastic economical option for large mailouts or promotions 3 folding options to suit whatever size, postage and artwork design you have in mind With most economy flyers today printed on 80gsm, our 115gsm is a quality product at a great price

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